Questions & Answers

Is this book suitable for anyone who has lost a baby?

Yes whether you lost your baby in pregnancy (whatever the gestation), at birth or in early years this book is for you.

Is this book suitable for family members, friends, medical staff, and counsellors, etc. to read to help them understand loss?

Indeed it is, and this is one of the reasons I wrote this book. Often it is hard for the bereaved to explain what they are going through, my hope was that this book would help educate anyone who comes in contact with bereaved parents.

Will this book help me if my loss was recent or historic?

Yes whether your loss was last week or 60 years ago this book is for you.

Is this book suitable for men or women?

Yes, I wrote it for anyone who is grieving the loss of a baby.

Is this book a good gift?

Yes. Again this is another reason I designed the book in the way I did. I wanted it to look like a lovely gift for anyone who has lost a baby. I am constantly asked ‘what can I send my family member or friend who has just lost a baby?’ It is so hard to find the perfect gift that says…I care for you and want to help…My hope is that by sending this book to someone they will feel heard, understood and supported.

Is this book a good training resource for people working with the bereaved?

Yes I believe it is. Many hospitals have got in touch to say they are now ensuring all staff read the book, as it’s a great way of educating their teams on how a bereaved parent may feel.

Will the book make me cry?

It is impossible for me to say…but what I can say is it’s a story of hope and it also offers a vital 90-day plan to lead people through grief. Click here to read some of the reviews in the review section on this website to hear directly from people who have read the book.

Can I purchase books in bulk?

Yes you can. Please click here to see pricing.

Why 90 days of support?

I didn’t want the book to be overwhelming to the bereaved, so 90-days felt like a good balance. Many people have told me that when they have reached the end of the 90-days they have simply started the 90 days again. As people walk through grief, their feelings and emotions constantly evolve, and because of this they can re-do the 90 days over and over again and see something different in each daily section every single time.

Can I purchase books in honour of my lost baby to give them to bereaved parents?

Yes you can. Please click here to be taken to information on the ‘Legacy Scheme’.

Where can I purchase this book?

From all good book shops and many places online, including Amazon and Wordery.

Can you promote other books or causes on your social media channels?

No I am afraid I can’t. I get asked to promote books and causes daily, and to do this I would need to read everything I am asked to promote (as to not do this would be totally irresponsible) or learn everything about each organisation. Sadly time does not allow me to do this, so I have to just say it is not possible for me to promote other people’s resources or causes.

Do you have other books coming out?

Yes…my next book is released on April 5th.